Apply Online – FREE Installation and Equipment worth RM800!

You can now apply for UNIF or upgrade your Streamyx Broadband to UNIFI High Speed Broadband. You do not need to wait till your contract is over. All Streamyx Broadband packages can be upgraded to Unifi High Speed Broadband without penalty. We are pleased to inform you that the FREE installation promotion worth RM 200 for new subscribers has now been extended until further notice.

Terms and Conditions

1. Minimum subscription period is 24 months.
2. First month bill will reflect 1 month current and 1 month advance subscription fees.
For example, for VIP 5, RM149 x 2 = RM348.
3. FREE Installation Promotion worth RM200 until further notice.
4. FREE installation covers standard installation of 15 metres only. Please refer to installation guide for more information.


Unifi Home Online Application

Apply Unifi in 3 simple steps.
Step 1. Choose your package
Step 2: Fill up the required information
Step 3: Upload your supporting documents
Click “Submit” and you are on your way to experience Unifi High Speed Broadband.



Home Application

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Unifi Package

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FREE installation only covers the standard installation.
Non Standard installation is when:
1. The installation requires extra cable length ( additional cable used shall be chargeable)
2. The cable route is either over the ceiling, wall concealed or any other way as opposed to the standard installation.
Any installation beyond the standard installation shall cost customer as quoted by the installer, and to be paid directly on the installation day to the installer. Please to be inform that the cost will be around RM50 for every 5 meter exceeding the standard 15 meter included in the FREE installation.
Minimal drilling at your premise may be required. However, if the cable route is over ceiling, wall, concealed or any other than standard white plastic casing, the installer will charge based on the length and the FREE 15 meter will no longer apply. Expect to pay around RM10 -RM15 per meter and negotiate with the installer!

Contract Terms

The minimum subscription period (or contract period) for UniFi is 24 months from the date the service is activated. If the service is terminated before the 24 month period is over, customers have to pay a termination penalty of RM 500 which will be reflected in the final account bill.

Upgrade & Downgrade

Customer is only allowed to upgrade or downgrade the UniFi Service package after the expiry of two (2) working days from the installation date.

Customers can upgrade or downgrade their UniFi service by visiting TMpoint, through any TM authorized sales channel (AE only) or by calling TM UniFi Center (1-300-88-1222). If a customer requests for a downgrade within the 24 month contract period, a downgrade fee of RM 200 will be charged. The existing CPE will be used unless a change is required due to the nature of the downgrade requested. For any upgrade or downgrade request that requires a visit by TM to a customer’s premises, an additional fee of RM 200 will be imposed.


Customers can request for relocation from TMpoint outlets where they will be required to fill in a relocation form. Customers will be charged a relocation fee of RM 300. If a customer who is within contract period requests for relocation, the contract period will be resumed and it will not be renewed. The relocation of a customer’s UniFi service will involve 2 appointments with TM, one is for the collection of the BTU, and the other appointment will be for installation and configuration at the new premise by TM’s installer. Customers are expected to pack all their CPE and transport them to the new premise to be reused.

The relocation of UniFi service can only be done if the customer is moving to a location where UniFi services are available. For cases where customers relocate to a location where UniFi service is not available, customers are to subscribe to TM Broadband™ where the TM Broadband™ contract period, terms and conditions are applicable. Subsequently, if customers do not wish to subscribe to TM Broadband™, TM will consider that the customer has prematurely terminated the contract and a penalty of RM 500 will be charged. If customers relocate to an area where TM Broadband™ services are not available, customers will not be charged a penalty but customers will have to produce any utility bill as proof.


Customers who wish to migrate to packages provided by other service providers can do so provided that their contract periods are over. If the contract period is not over, the customer will be charged an early termination penalty fee of RM 500.